The Chronicle Herald is the most comprehensive information source in Atlantic Canada. We bring audiences together, providing information they can use, delivered across multiple, easy-to-access platforms. And in delivering value for our audiences, we also deliver value for our advertisers.


The Chronicle Herald is proud of its legacy of independence, integrity and place as a vital part of the fabric of the communities we serve. We will move forward with a bold entrepreneurial spirit, building on our strengths.

Brand Values

To be the most trusted, most used information source in Atlantic Canada.


We are part of the Nova Scotia story. We respect and honour the history of The Chronicle Herald and the role it has played, and will continue to play, in shaping the communities we serve.


Our colleagues built The Chronicle Herald and helped to create our success. We deeply value the role each person has played in our history and will play in our future success.


We innovate to ensure our audience is able to get the information they want, when they want it and how they want it. We innovate to remain a relevant and competitive channel for advertisers to reach their consumers.


Communities are our lifeblood. We live here and serve by understanding our communities' information needs, providing them with the best product possible and by giving back.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability Policy

For the past 140 years The Halifax Herald Limited and its affiliated companies and divisions has been committed to operate its businesses as a responsible corporate citizen dedicated to providing products and services within our Nova Scotia community that are ecologically sustainable. The Herald continues to make environmental protection, energy reduction and resource conservation key components of its business plan and operations.

The Herald is committed to ensuring all its businesses and facilities operate in an environmentally sound manner and in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations.

The Herald serves as a catalyst, mentor and advocate for environmental sustainability by educating its readers and providing educational materials.

All Herald divisions minimize their impact on natural resources by re-use and recycling raw materials and by sourcing materials from local suppliers.

Wherever possible, The Herald and its divisions, will source materials from green suppliers.

All Herald facilities are designed to minimize water and energy usage.

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